Monday, April 1, 2013

Beauty and the Beast Exposed


Belle and Gaston

Is she sending mixed signals?

The most obnoxious guy in all the land
Asks sweet Belle for her hand
She’s smart enough to know better
And so kindly declines
She must be brighter than most chicks
To recognize bad signs
Not just smart she’s brave as well
Nothing scares this pretty Belle
When daddy came up missing
The beast tucked him away

I'll save you daddy!

But Belle would ride into the night
And save her daddy’s day
No beast is going to scare her off
She’ll give herself instead
But Beast must let her daddy go
Before she jumps in bed
She plays hard to get with the beast
Until she can take no more
Oh that saucey little Belle
Can be such a little … bore (get your head out of the gutters!)

Girl, you're working on my last nerve!

The Beast and Belle, they fall in love
Despite his hideous sight
I guess a girl can’t help it
When everything feels right.
Well, as luck would have it that lucky Belle
Who loved so unconditionally
Would end up making out just fine
When the prince was set free
What they fail to tell you
In this famous "fairy tale"
The beast left that pretty Belle
For her younger sister Gayle!

      How Could You Beast?!

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